Staalmeester - Radiator

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Staalmeester - Radiator

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The universal radiator brush features a flat uncoated beechwood handle and is suitable for use on difficult to reach surfaces, due to the curved head. It prevents those annoying dribbles down onto your handle and helps keep your hand clean.

40mm wide. 

Made in Holland.

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These brushes are not designed to be disposable - they are up to the task for many many years given proper care and cleaning.

When starting off with a new (or dry) brush, submerge in water up to the ferrule. remove and flick off as much water as possible. 

When dipping your brush into the paint, there is no need to go the full length of the bristle. There is no need to get the paint up to the edge of the string. 3/4 is the very most you need. The paintbrush will last much longer and clean up will be much easier.

Don’t allow your brush to sit idle as the paint will dry onto the bristles making it much harder to clean. If you get interrupted, cover your brush with a damp paper towel so the paint cannot dry on the bristles. After you finish painting, submerge your brush in water and rinse for a few minutes. Then allow it to hang in water up to the feral for a couple of hours or even overnight. Change the water and if it’s not clear, do again until you no longer see paint in the water. Once the water is clear you know that all the paint has been removed. Use the hole in the handle to allow the Bruch to hang for drying.

Using a tiny amount of brush soap to clean for every other brush cleaning is a great way to condition the natural bristles.