Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint - Flow Blue

Presenting Sweet Pea done in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Flow Blue... She's been in the family for ten years and needed a fresh new look.


Sweet Pea After Collage.jpg

Ten years ago, my granddaughters nursery was a lovely shade of pale green. 

No sooner had I moved to Kelowna and I was refinishing furniture for her nursery.  If I'm not working on a creative project, I go nuts or some may say nuttier!

I painted this desk and chair in a pretty pale mauve and accented the piece with hand drawn flowers. 


Two Knobs does not equal One Handle

The handles where missing so I painted two polka dot knobs for each missing handle.

I’ve since learned putting two knobs where one handle belongs is the ultimate faux pas in refinishing used furniture. or as some would say...

A mistake is simply another way of doing things.
Katharine Graham
Two knobs do not equal one handle

Two knobs do not equal one handle


Smooth as ButtAH

My granddaughter has long since grown out of her nursery furniture and so now was a perfect time for a re-do.

The insides of the drawers were given a coat of bright pink latex sealed with hemp oil. 


Pink with Hemp Oil finish

Pink with Hemp Oil finish

“Sweet Pea” has been given two coats of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Flow Blue. She has two coats of Hemp Oil using my favourite “wet sanded” technique.

It goes like this: After you’ve applied each thin coat of Hemp Oil,  let it dry for a bit, then lightly sand while it’s still a bit wet. The surface becomes a smooth as butter!  I finished with two coats of well buffed Furniture Wax.

Searching for Handles

I was not going to replicate the “two knobs = one handle” mistake again!

I started my search for replacement handles. The holes were a non-standard size. I needed a bunch - seven 2” centres and four 2 ½” centres. I pulled up a stool at the Restore and pawed through a dozen or more bins of vintage handles to no avail. Then I searched online for vintage handles and had some luck but not in the quantities needed or in styles that would work.

So I switched my tactics to looking for new handles. With such odd sizes, my luck was no better. I did find some cool adjustable knobs, but they looked too modern for the vibe I was going for.

And then inspiration...

I could make my own adjustable handles!

I cut lengths of an old  belt and bolted the ends into the holes! Voila!

DIY handles.jpg

The Finishing Touch

Then I reupholstered the chair seat with this pretty bird decorator fabric. 

Presenting Sweet Pea!

Sweet Pea After Collage.jpg