What can you paint with a Fusion Mineral Paint 37ml sample pot?

Fusion Mineral Paint 37ml sample pot

Fusion Mineral Paint typically comes in a one pint size, enough to paint a medium size dresser, a small table and a couple of smaller projects. 

These cute little sample pots are now in our West Kelowna shop and are a great way to try a new colour.  For just $4.99 you’ll be surprised with the coverage! A little goes a long way - look at all the frames done with one sample pot of Prairie Sunset! Each of the three frames has two coats. And these are not small frames - the yardstick shows how big the frames are! 

Fusion Prairie Sunset Sample Pot Coverage

We have all 24 classic colours in the shop, as well as the six Micheal Penny Colours. 

Use these cute testers to sample the paint, try the colour, or just to do up a small project such as mason jars. a mirror, a tray, a frame, some candle holders, small boxes - the possibilities are endless.