Painting Old Metal Hardware With Fusion Tinting

I'm working on some new display pieces for the shop. Ones of the pieces had some great hardware on the doors. Sadly one was broken and couldn't be repaired, but I could fill the holes in the false door and move its handle to the real door.

Painting Old Hardware with Fusion Tinting

Our Fusion Tinting Kit in Pearl was just the thing for the snowy white look I had in mind. I gave the hardware a good scrub with a degreasing detergent. Once dry, I painted with a little Pearl. A little goes a long way!

Fusion Pearl Tinting Kit

The tinting kits can be used directly on hardware, or it can be added to any of the Fusion Mineral Paints or even the Tough Coat to change the look of the finish.

Fusion Pearl Tinting Kit Collage