Can Fusion Mineral Paint Withstand Three Messy Boys?

My daughter Brandy is a busy mom of three messy and super adorable boys.


Brandy was chatting up one of her friends about using my paint to redo the friend's kitchen table. Brandy called to ask, "No really. How durable is it?" She didn't want to encourage her friend to use it only to have it fail. 

I assured her Fusion Mineral Paint is extremely durable because it's water-based 100% acrylic formulated paint using the best top quality ingredients. It has a built in top coat, and has a super strong adhesion once it dries and cures for 21 days.

Then I promised her we would do our own durability experiment.

I painted up a small table in one of pretty light colours Aubusson.

Brandy, hubby Rob and their mini-entourage arrived for vacation 21 days later. When I asked my eldest grandson to put ketchup, spaghetti with meat sauce, and cucumbers on the table and then to use the felt markers to label it all, he thought I was PURE CRAZY! 

Fusion Mineral Paint Kelowna

After some convincing, he got right into it!

Fusion Mineral Paint Experiment Kelowna

We left it for 24 hours. Then we cleaned it off using a mild dish soap. The ketchup was the hardest to get off and took some scrubbing! Man that stuff sticks on good!

Fusion Mineral Paint Experiment Kelowna

The results were perfect, no stains!

Fusion Mineral Paint Experiment Kelowna

Go ahead! Tell your friends, Brandy!