12 Days of Christmas - Make & Take 2016

I don't know about you, but I love making things once a chill hits the air.

Everyone's been clamouring for workshops and what's better than to make & take something for your home or to give as a gift!  These workshops were super popular last year so register early as I don't wan't you to be disappointed!

There are 12 different classes to choose from so sit back, get your calendar ready and let's do this! Get your girlfriends, mothers, sister, daughters - heck we've even had the occasional husband!

Drum roll please! Here's the line up - click on each one below OR go to a page where they're all displayed here

  1. Christmas Maker's Workshop $119.99

  2. FULL Jingle & Sparkle Shadow Boxes FULL

  3. Wood Cut Golden Rudolph Believe Sign $39.99

  4. FULL Vintage Decoupage Blocks FULL

  5. Primitive Tobacco Star with Greenery $24.99

  6. Paint Your Skates $39.99

  7. FULL “Antique” Blackboard Sign FULL

  8. Birch Tree Forest Art $39.99

  9. Stencil a Burlap Pillows $24.99

  10. Stencil a Wood Tray $24.99

  11. FULL Ornamental Picture Frame FULL

  12. Rustic Fence Board Sign Art $39.99

Register online to hold your spot. Seats are limited due to the sheer volume of materials I bring in.