The Best Way to Apply Tough Coat

Tough Coat Both

Our Tough Coat uses 100% pure acrylic resin and is perfect as a sealer for high traffic surfaces such as table tops, seating, doors and floors. It dries to a satin finish. Unlike most of our competitors, it is non-yellowing. 

Both the brands of Tough Coat that I carry are the same and are made by Homestead House in Toronto!

No matter what the type or quality of the product, top coating is one of the most difficult furniture finishing steps to get right. 

Spraying can give a premium finish, but not everyone has the equipment nor the space to set up a spray area. 

Brushing can work but it takes a lot of practice to perfect the technique. 

What if I told you I found a way to apply Tough Coat that gives a great finish every time? 

Do The Wet Hot Dog Roll

Allow your freshly painted item to dry for 12 hours.

Wet a microfibre cloth and squeeze it out thoroughly. Fold the cloth into the width of a hot dog and tightly roll it up to about the size of a hot dog bun. 

Lee Valley Squeeze Bottles

Lee Valley Squeeze Bottles

Mark a 500ml Lee Valley squeeze bottle as Diluted Tough Coat. Learn from my mistakes and don’t bother with the dollar store squirt bottles. They leak like mad and make a big mess! The best dilution is 10:1. That’s ten parts Touch Coat and 1 part water. 

Gently mix Tough Coat (but don’t shake as that introduces air bubbles) to blend the matting agent with the acrylic. Add 200ml Tough Coat and 20ml water to the squirt bottle. 

Hold the roll and dampen it along one smooth edge using the squirt bottle. Wipe the roll over the surface in a row from left to right in one long stroke. Do not go back over the same area twice. Missed areas will be covered in the next coat. Repeat going along in rows across the piece. Re-wet the roll when you start to seeing streaks. Now step away! Do not be tempted to touch anything up! 

Thoroughly rinse your microfibre cloth in clear running water between coats.

Repeat every two to four hours until you have two or three coats. The top will be dry to the touch in a few hours, but will take 21 days to cure.

Getting a Distressed Look with Fusion Mineral Paint

Double Drop Leaf Table $150

Double Drop Leaf Table $150

When a piece speaks to me for distressing, my first choice is usually our Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. It gives that authentic layered and sometimes chippy cracked look I love.

You can also easy to get that look with Fusion Mineral Paint, but it’s something I haven’t tried. Until now and here’s how I did it!

1. As always, prep is the most important step. Scrub your piece with TSP or  any other degreasing cleaner you have on hand (I love Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner). Damp wipe and let dry. Sand lightly and vacuum.

Simple Green for furniture paint prep


2. If your piece has a glossy, hard to grip surface such as a lacquered surface or laminate and you’re worried the surface may be tricky, apply one layer of Ultra Grip. Allow to dry for 12 hours.

Fusion Ultra Grip $17

Fusion Ultra Grip $17

3. In lots of cases, your piece may already painted. So if you want to replicate an old wood piece, paint a layer or two with Chocolate Fusion Mineral Paint. The chocolate layer (the wood!) will show through the subsequent layers. Be sure to allow 12 hours between coats. 

Fusion Mineral Paint in Chocolate $20

Fusion Mineral Paint in Chocolate $20

4. After the chocolate was thoroughly dry, I quickly painted a layer of Champlain Fusion Mineral Paint. I didn’t worry about great coverage and so didn’t go back where I missed with the first strokes. I wanted the Chocolate ”wood" to show. You can use a damp rag to rub back the Champlain back in the natural distressing areas - those areas that would wear off naturally with years of use such as on certain edges, around handles curved areas. Fusion dries quickly, so wipe back as you go and do not wait until you have finished the entire piece! 

Fusion Mineral Paint in Champlain $20

Fusion Mineral Paint in Champlain $20

5. After 12 hours of dry time, I dry brushed on using Champness Fusion Mineral Paint. Dip your brush to pick up the smallest amount of paint. Then run your brush over a fresh paper towel or cardboard to remove some of the paint. Now paint your piece with a very light and quick touch. The paint dries real quick so if you must remove any do it right away. or touch up later with more dry brushing. It fun to keep layering it until you get the look you want.

Fusion Mineral Paint in Champness $20

Fusion Mineral Paint in Champness $20

Love how it turned out and it's available in the shop for $150

Close-up of distressed look

Close-up of distressed look

Lily Pond Dresser

When I found this dresser at the Restore. I was super excited to finally find something with some curved wood! I've been looking for two years! But oh was she looking rough! Don't you just love the brown on brown look!!!!

LilyPond before

I just love how easy this paint is to work with! It's made with the very best top quality ingredients which results in a superior durable finish.  The dresser was painted in two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Lily Pond, a beautiful feminine green from our Penney & Company Collection. No top coat is needed. Although none has been added, If you like you can add shine by adding our Beeswax finish.

Lily Pond After

Fusion Mineral Paint Drawer Lily Pond Close up

I painted the legs and the hardware using our Fusion Tinting Kit in Gold. The hardware was very delicate and small in scale, so I thought I'd add some stencils to the drawers to balance things out.

And as a little surprise, some gold polka dot paper decoupaged on the sides of all the drawers!



Lily Pond Fusion Mineral Paint After

Vegas Baby!

I had a great time in Vegas at the Fusion Mineral Paint Retailer Training.

Vegas is such a great place for walking and gawking. I think my favourite hotel was The Paris in Las Vegas mostly because I want to go to Paris one day. This is my my picture that could be a postcard; it turned out so lovely!

The Paris hotel as seen from The Bellagio - my money maker shot LOL

The Paris hotel as seen from The Bellagio - my money maker shot LOL

I learned lots and have some great ideas for new classes which I'll be running soon.

Fusion Paint Project Classes Coming Soon

I met lots of great people too.

This is Brandy, our Fusion retailer from Swanky Luxurious Vintage Home Furnishings in Kamloops. She lead me astray in ways that will stay in Vegas. Right Brandy?

The wonderful Brandy

The wonderful Brandy

Sheila from French Vanilla Home in Victoria is another new friend.!

This is Brandy and Sheila after .... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Am I right ladies?

This is Brandy and Sheila after .... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Am I right ladies?

Painting Old Metal Hardware With Fusion Tinting

I'm working on some new display pieces for the shop. Ones of the pieces had some great hardware on the doors. Sadly one was broken and couldn't be repaired, but I could fill the holes in the false door and move its handle to the real door.

Painting Old Hardware with Fusion Tinting

Our Fusion Tinting Kit in Pearl was just the thing for the snowy white look I had in mind. I gave the hardware a good scrub with a degreasing detergent. Once dry, I painted with a little Pearl. A little goes a long way!

Fusion Pearl Tinting Kit

The tinting kits can be used directly on hardware, or it can be added to any of the Fusion Mineral Paints or even the Tough Coat to change the look of the finish.

Fusion Pearl Tinting Kit Collage

Announcing Milk Paint Class Schedule

Milk Paint Step Stool Class


I've just posted the new dates for the Milk Paint Classes. These are proving quite popular! We have a 101 classes to learn all the basics, as well as two different level two classes to put your new found skills to work!

I'm now offering the famous Step Stool workshop. This class has proven to be extremely popular all over the world with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint retailers. The stools are raw wood and are very sturdy. You choose the colour that suits your decor and go home with a #MilkPaintMasterpiece

Saturday, June 20 - Milk Paint 101 (in the morning) and Bring Your Own (in the afternoon $85)

Saturday, June 27 - Step Stool (in the afternoon $125)

Go to our Workshops page for more details and to register!

Painting Leather

Leather Chair Before

Leather Chair Before

I got two of these leather chairs at a clearance sale at one of our Kelowna high end furniture stores, one rust and one brown. The story I told myself to justify my purchase) was I would be able to find two more in different colours to make a set of four for the dining room table. Yeah. Mission not accomplished.

After staring at these chairs that didn't match anything, I decided they would a great test of painting leather with Fusion Mineral Paint. The finish on these leather chairs was quite shiny. So shiny, I often felt like I was sliding off the chair! Despite that I wanted to put the paint to the test, so I didn't do any prep. Two coats of Inglenook in the Fusion Mineral Paint went on very smoothly. It absorbed into the leather very nicely and dried to a lovely matte finish. 

Leather chair painted in Inglenook Fusion Mineral Paint

Leather chair painted in Inglenook Fusion Mineral Paint

As a finishing touch, I painted the legs with Fusion Tint in Pale Gold.

Turned out quite nice don't you think?