About the Owner

I'm Barb, the Queen Bee at The Pink Bee Company. Which is a fancy way to say I'm the owner, artist, and designer, chief, cook and bottle washer. The Pink Bee Company was established in 2013, born out of a love for creating, design and teaching.  My favourite thing to do is to talk to my customers about their projects and to help them achieve the look they are wanting. Seriously. Call me anytime!

I had been an avid follower of Marion Parson's Furniture Friday's on her blog, Miss Mustard Seed. Every Friday, anyone could post a picture of furniture they had painted. It was so exciting for me to see all the transformations- it was my Friday Night paint porn! 

After a couple of years of faithful Friday Nights, Marion announced she was working with Homestead House Paint Company in Toronto to create her own line of Milk Paint. She was also looking for retailers. I went on high alert! This seemed perfect for me as I always wanted to have my own little shop! I applied to be a retailer and my dreams became reality!  

I attended the retailer training for Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint (and finally met Marion!) at Homestead House in Toronto and soon learned about the new furniture paint Homestead was developing - Fusion Mineral Paint and they were looking for merchants! Fusion seemed was a perfect addition to the shop so I applied to be a Fusion Merchant. As soon as I was accepted I placed a big order. Training is key for both lines so off to Vegas I went for Fusion Merchant training!

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