MMS Brush Soap

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Brush Soap.jpg

MMS Brush Soap


Clean and condition your brushes. Remove paint, wax or oil with our quality brush soap. 


  • Swirl the brush gently in the palm of your hand to remove paint, wax or oil. 
  • Rinse thoroughly 
  • Wrap your brush in construction paper or kraft paper works best (paper towels will do too) and hang to dry before next use. This will help absorb excess moisture and keep the brush in its original shape.

Brush Care Tips;

  • Never leave your brush to soaking in water or solvent for any length of time.  This will cause the natural bristles to swell and bend.
  • Natural bristles are prone to breakage and minor shedding.  Avoid too much pressure during paint or wax application to avoid.  Expect more shedding during the first few uses.
  • For deep cleaning, soak in mineral spirits. Rinse with lacquer thinner after soaking to remove the oily residue, and then clean with our brush soap and water.
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